• WoW Tunnels is a proxy service that lowers your ping and also allows you to bypass certain firewalls so you'll be able to play at work or college. This results in a much more pleasurable experience while playing World of Warcraft and other supported MMOs.
The WoW Tunnels client software was written by Nick Cooper in August 2009 (1.6) and March 2011 (2.0). It is a clean and user friendly program that runs PuTTY and a specialized application proxying service, also communicating with the WoW Tunnels website to fetch a live tunnel server list, news, and statistics.

Homepage: http://www.wowtunnels.com/
Download: http://www.wowtunnels.com/downloads/wt_setup.zip

(NOTE: Image may be out of date)

Further information on the client can be found here.