• Live Redemption Checker (LRC) is an alerting application created for the TalkPrizes forum community. It was initially just an alerter system, but has since evolved due to popular demand into the most popular redemption tool on the internet today, with many features that improve the users chances of redeeming a prize. LRC has a Free and Pro version, costing just $6.99.
LRC was written by Nick Cooper in March 2010, and is no longer developed/supported as of August 2011. LRC has many features, including a built in Chromium web browser engine with full Flash and JavaScript support, piracy protection, update notification, system-wide HotKeys, news alert popups and more. The LRC server handles 3,000-5,000 active connections during peak redemption hours.

Download: (No longer available)
Purchase: (No longer available)

There is also a free version for Mac OS X 10.5+, but it is an alerter only.
You can download the Mac OS X version here.

LRC is available in a lite version for iOS devices!
Get it from the Apple App Store or iTunes.

Live Redemption Checker
(NOTE: Image may be out of date)

Further information on LRC can be obtained by contacting me